Faster Websites

Power of Google Kubernetes Engine

Each web application runs on a highly optimised Kubernetes cluster running on the Google Cloud Platform

Guaranteed Resources

RAM and CPU specially dedicated for you and your web applications; not shared with any one else

CDN and Caching

Enjoy the power of a pre-integrated Cloudflare CDN, and Redis caching on your database

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Technical Specification

Checkout These Specification


Fully Managed Infrastructure

Weebly's shopping cart software is set-up automatically when you create your online store so you can start sellingimmediately.



You get direct SSH access to your cloud account and can also take advantage of FTP for secure file transfer and management.

Powerful and Easy Administration

Our custom panel is packed full of great features and is easy to use. Also, it allows you to manage multiple professional cloud orders from a SINGLE panel!


Fully Managed

Fully Managed Infrastructure

We take care of the infrastructure maintenance for you. No need to waste time on upgrades any more

Automated Setup

We automatically setup the CMS, SSL, CodeGuard backups, Cloudflare CDN and Redis caching so that you can start using your application immediately

Easy to use Panel

Use our intuitive panel to manage all your applications and servers from one place

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Get Started with Professional Cloud

Select an application for your first site & Select Plan


$17.70 /Month
  • 1 Websites
  • 1 CPU Core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Disk Space
  • 5 GB Database Space
  • 100 GB Data Transfer


$35.41 /Month
  • 3 Websites
  • 2 CPU Core
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 50 GB Disk Space
  • 15 GB Database Space
  • 500 GB Data Transfer


$75.67 /Month
  • 5 Websites
  • 4 CPU Core
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 100 GB Disk Space
  • 25 GB Database Space
  • 1000 GB Data Transfer

Simplified Billing


Pay a flat, upfront and completely transparent fee at the beginning of your tenure

One Plan, One Fee

You pay for the entire set of services and features. No separate costs for network, CDN, SSL or storage

No Bill Shocks

Unlike other cloud providers, you wont experience a bill shock at the end of the month, With our flat and transparent cost structure, you enjoy complete peace of mind

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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t find your answer here? just send us a message for any query.

Ans. Professional Cloud hosting is built to simplify cloud hosting for customers. Built on Google’s Kubernetes Engine, it is highly optimised to improve your website’s performance with enhanced security, scalable and reliable technology. It comes with auto CMS installation that lets you get started immediately without having to worry about server setup. All costs incurred by the customer are upfront (prepaid billing) that allows consistent website performance, especially during sudden traffic spikes from sales or promotions without the BILL SHOCK.
Ans. Professional Cloud is built on top of Google’s Kubernetes Engine and comes with auto CMS deployment. It provides you with superior server performance and instant setup. There is absolutely no effort required from your side to set up the server. Everything including CMS, SSL, Backups, CDN and caching come automatically set up for you to instantly activate them and get started.
Ans. Although both VPS and Professional Cloud assure you dedicated resources like CPU, RAM and come with SSD drives, Professional Cloud will not provide you with Dedicated IP. If your website is not prone to traffic spikes or your business is not likely to witness major expansion from its current state in the near future, then VPS would be the right fit for you. However if you anticipate an accelerated growth for your website or business, we suggest you to go with Professional Cloud as upgrading to more resources comes with ABSOLUTELY NO downtime.
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Ans. Professional Cloud comes with auto installed “Cloudflare” SSL. All you have to do is activate it from the panel itself. Simply follow the steps here to activate your SSL certificate. No, you can use an existing SSL certificate.
Ans. Caching is a service that improves application response time by storing copies of the most frequently used data on ephemeral but very fast storage. Redis caching with Professional Cloud solutions is extremely effective at achieving these goals. While caching is commonly used to improve application latency, Redis caching can also help your applications scale.
Ans. You can get the server IP, and the username from the Cloud panel. You can reset your root password anytime from the panel to ensure you have maximum security. Using any SSH client from your Windows laptop, or the terminal from your Mac, you can easily SSH into your server.
Ans. As of now, you can migrate from either Shared Hosting or VPS to the Professional Cloud if you are using one of our standard CMSes i.e. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento. Reach out to the support teams to see how we can help you in this process.
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Our Staff are Available 24/7 Help to You.

Support and Guidance

We are available 24/7 to help you with your queries, Our servers include semi-managed support.